My versatility is beyond the normal- Sauz August brags

  Every year, a fresh wave of new artists burst into the limelight and capture our attention with their remarkable musical abilities. A crisp sound, unique voice, and fresh...


Every year, a fresh wave of new artists burst into the limelight and capture our attention with their remarkable musical abilities.

A crisp sound, unique voice, and fresh perspective – some of the things that endear new artists to listeners. While it’s not easy to predict a breakout star, sometimes the universe gifts us with musicians that seem to possess all the ingredients of a future star. Sauz August is one of the new artistes whose focus is to capture the world with his voice.

Sauz August is a budding versatile Ghanaian artiste who started music at a very young age after his Senior High School Education at St. Anthony’s school. Then to Bishop Herman college where he furthered to Takoradi Technical University in 2012 to study Human Resource Management.

He says, he is “an indie artist who’s trying to get my voice heard by the whole world.” And he doubles as a passionate songwriter and a music composer.

He describes himself as a different music person due to his versatility which is incomparable “I’m a different person altogether. That alone makes me different from everyone. But relating this to the music scene, I believe the way I compose or the angle I cut my vibe from isn’t the same as every other artiste. And my choice of beats is pretty unique. Also, my versatility is beyond the normal level”

August talking about his kind of music genre says, “I usually don’t like categorizing the music I do into any particular genre since I can literally do any kind of music but for time’s sake, I do anything Afro. Be it afrobeat, afro-Swing, Afrodancehall, you name it”

The young artiste, believes that his presence in the music industry will put creative minds on their toes to give music lover satisfying creative music content “I feel like we as Ghanaians need to be more creative when it comes to music and also be willing to learn new things, fuse them with our vibe and most importantly support our own artistes just like the way we support the Kendrick Lamars, Davidos, Burna Boys so on and so forth”.

The budding artist has worked on over 40 songs that are yet to be released. He also doubles as a producer for some of his songs but it is mix mastered by other producers. August is influenced musically by Stonebwoy, Sarkodie, Davido, and Burna Boy.

His music is inspired depending on the kind of mood or settings he finds himself and the experiences people go through or things people can relate to easily. “And mostly good beats bring out more vibes from me as well”

August sees himself as the only competition in the music game, “That’s the simple truth because I always want to be better than who I am or was. I want to beat myself on achievements and someday stand tall and be proud of myself for how far I’ve come. By God’s Grace definitely”

His current song is titled ‘W’ada’, which he said is basically speaking to the girls who have no patience “or wanting to grow and build with us but want everything already made and ready. And indirectly in the song, I was addressing a gold digger.” It was actually supposed to be a freestyle till my friend and video director Mollex suggested it could be bigger than that so we developed it into a full song and even have an acoustic version.”

The title of the song ‘W’ada’ was inspired by Mollex and available on all music streaming sites.

Sauz August will soon drop an EP, but he will release other banging singles before the date scheduled for the EP release.