Spearheaded by her lead stylist and ESSENCE Best In Black Fashion Awards Winner Zerina Akers, the pair along with Beyonce’s creative team seemingly curated a new look with each frame. “Another one for the books,” Akers wrote on Instagram on Friday morning. The entertainer went full glam for this project using trendy labels like Marine Serre, Burberry, and Area. However, the Black-owned brands truly stole the show throughout this project. Akers utilized this visual album to shine a light on independent designers like Duckie ConfettiLevenity, and Loza Maléombho amongst many more Black fashion innovators who were able to catch their threads throughout the film.

After weeks of teasing, Beyonce, who revels in carefully curated production released this exclusive project with music as a focus. However, throughout the film it’s very clear that the fashion was precisely chosen in each scene to tell a story.