Keep your Spirits up amidst Corona Crisis – Harm Kay

Renowned Ghana- British Born Event Host and Influencer, Jeffrey Boateng, known also as Harm Kay, says he cannot be stopped by COVID -19 to represent his roots. According to...

Renowned Ghana- British Born Event Host and Influencer, Jeffrey Boateng, known also as Harm Kay, says he cannot be stopped by COVID -19 to represent his roots.

According to the international media entrepreneur, though the whole world is going through a painful phase dealing with the COVID- 19 pandemic, but there is no excuse to aspire to higher heights with anything you are doing even under locked down.

In a phone interview with Harm Kay, he said “Let’s not allow COVID-19 to stop us from keeping our spirits lifted up to spread the culture while we are keeping safe under quarantine

The celebrated UK based event host on Saturday, May 2, 2020, hosted his first Highlife Party on ‘Instagram Live’ Not holding back he went all-in with aesthetics including Lighting, Kente Decorations, synchronized dancers, technician,  with his aunt on the dance floor, more guests and he also  encouraged viewers to dress in traditional attire.

At his party on Instagram Live, he took viewers on a musical journey of Highlife music covering music from the Ashanti region, central/western region, and Ga music. The best part was the comments during the whole experience, which kept viewers guessing what will happen next.

Harm Kay also invited Ghanaian Highlife legend, Kwabena Kwabena to join him on “Insta Live who gave an acoustic version of his hit songs from ‘Aso’ to the current song ‘Voice Note’.  The concept which was stemmed from a typical Ghanaian UK Hall party got him a lot of positive Feedback/Comments from across the World from the older and younger generation shown the uplift of spirits.

In relation to the ‘Insta Party’, Harm Kay says, “During this period it is important we keep our spirits high and appreciate every moment”

He had comments from viewers like: “I just want to say, your ‘Insta live’ last night!!!! Hmm was the best Live EVER better than ANY therapy that I have facilitated for depression and anxiety. I am still at this time (2:36 pm) smiling, dancing, and singing at my house. My husband is even telling me to calm down. Your energy, your style, and let’s not forget your back up team was absolutely fabulous! Thank you!”

“Please keep it up. Due to the stigma and lack of culturally sensitive and appropriate support out there, our people (Ghanaians and black African general) don’t really reach out for Mental Health support. And I know from people reaching out to me and professionals in my network, a lot of our people are suffering in silence. So although last night is not a substitute it will go a long way to lift people’s spirits up’”

Harm Kay promises to come back with another captivating experience via Instagram “@Harm_Kay and find out when the next Highlife Party is and also ‘HARM KAY Live’ in Jamaica Hosting Jamaica Escapes May 2020 visit:‘ “

About Harm Kay

UK host and radio presenter Harm Kay is known for his energetic and cheeky characteristics when on stage. His crowd engagement gives him the ability to not only entertain an audience but to keep them guessing at all times what he’ll do next.

Born in the UK, but raised in a Ghanaian home, Kay holds his heritage close to his heart and continues to promote and emphasis the Ghanaian values and culture through his works.

Kay does many private gigs, including weddings and club appearances. An area Kay takes a personal interest in is giving talks/seminars to university students. His seminar ‘Life after University’ has become one of the most popular seminars out of the national curriculum.

Very well known in the Ghanaian community, Kay has hosted some major events, including Ghana Escapes (Accra); Ghana Party in the Park (Trent Park-UK); Shatta Wale Concert (Indigo O2-UK); Bisa Kdei (Camden Centre-UK); Wahala Comedy Show (Indigo O2-UK); Ghana Independence (The O2-UK); Africa Live (Catford Broadway Theatre UK); Afrobeat Weekender (Skegness UK); Afrobeat Sunday (Coronet-UK);  Sarkodie (Catford Broadway Theatre-UK), Fuse ODG’s Kente Party and a host of other events

By: Erica Arthur