Connect back to change the narrative – Nicholas Dex tells African Diasporas

Renowned British- Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur and motivational speaker Nicholas Amfo-Gyamera also known in the fashion scene as Nicholas Dex, is entreating Africa Diasporas and Africans living abroad to connect...

Renowned British- Ghanaian fashion entrepreneur and motivational speaker Nicholas Amfo-Gyamera also known in the fashion scene as Nicholas Dex, is entreating Africa Diasporas and Africans living abroad to connect back to their roots to have a different perspective about Africa.

According to the Chief Executive officer of ODF Clothing who hasn’t visited Ghana for 25 years, said he was overwhelmed when he discovered Ghana has so much to offer in terms of opportunities and great talents when he visited the country in December during the ‘Year of Return.’

In an interview with Nicholas, he said, “It’s important for us Ghanaians and all Africans in general to know our history, and the value of how rich the culture is, so collectively we need to envision the motherland with the ideology of expansion, the power to re-create and grow things further. The beautiful thing about Africa is that it’s a continent of uniqueness. It’s important for the community to collaborate in order to enforce positive change in a new light. It’s evident to see that a lot of great adjustments have occurred in Ghana, as well as Africa in general due to progress in collaborative works.

Nicholas who expressed how happy he is to be an African and a proud Ghanaian, said, “It took me 25 years to find my path back to my motherland – Ghana: A therapeutic, reflective root back to my purpose; identity and heritage. Visiting my parent’s villages where they grew up has truly humbled me. How they strived to give us a better future. It’s inspired me to keep my foundations strong in the Lord. Home is sweet, beautiful and welcoming – a mesmerizing experience, highlighting the richness in culture. Ghana is what I call home.”

He also identified that Africa is far better than what is reported in the international media, “The development of opportunities, economic growth, and the investment within lifestyle-technology in Africa is overwhelming, as a creative myself it brings hope for greater things to come.

“Staying away for 25 years, I missed my family, the sun, atmosphere of peace, unity in people, vibrant colours in traditional clothes and true authentic culture. Not forgetting the natural foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Africa has a lot of positive news and inspiring stories that need to be replaced with ‘hunger’, ‘war’ and ‘bad pictures’ in the international media.

As the founder of one of the leading fashion brands in the UK and parts of Europe, Nicholas during his visit to Ghana also observed that “There is so much potential especially with the amount of talent, unique detailed styles and general interest behind individual stories. A lot of great Ghanaian designers and creatives have done really well globally so that says a lot about our industry. I see the Ghanaian fashion industry growing especially with the vibrant colour diverse concepts, traditionally weaved cloth patterns and tailored garments.”

The fashion designer and motivational speaker also advised young talents and to document their process at all times and most importantly eliminate the idea of competing with others and instead invest in collaborations, creating and cultivating. “We all have amazing gifts but it’s up to us to dig deep so they can essentially make room for you. Nothing works unless you do”

About Nicholas Dex

Nicholas Amfo Gyamera, founder of ODF Clothing. ODF was created in 2007 and was originally titled “Ow’Du’Feel”. It began with the intention to portray something positive and fashionable for this generation, and today has evolved into a mature clothing line.

ODF was re-branded in 2010 to “One Diverse Fashion” which immediately enhanced the line, to something contemporary, yet with a classic feel. The inspiration behind this was stemmed from the high school he attended, specifically the area it was located in. It lacked diversity, therefore he made it a priority to deliver timeless classic pieces, however with a classic twist. The message behind this simply representing the celebration and culture of our overall lifestyle. “Moreover connecting with the community has enabled us to reach a plethora of great individuals, who have endorsed the brand with a real authentic understanding. We believe that the more we keep pushing our brand and slogan, being ‘standing in to stand out’ the world will embrace us.

ODF plans to release the brand ‘New kids’ collection in April which is an extension of many garments currently available for adults. We are really excited about it as there has been a demand for children’s clothing and accessories, some of which we showcased at our press launch in November. We also aim to create nationwide awareness through our campaigns “Standing in to Stand Out”.

By: Erica Arthur

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