Tulenkey releases Ghanaian & Nigerian remix versions of ‘Proud F Boys’

Two new remixed versions of Tulenkey’s street anthem ‘Proud F Boys’ has been released. The Ghanaian version features Wanlov, RJZ, Sister Derby and Shaker, whilst the Nigerian version features...

Two new remixed versions of Tulenkey’s street anthem ‘Proud F Boys’ has been released.

The Ghanaian version features Wanlov, RJZ, Sister Derby and Shaker, whilst the Nigerian version features Falz and Ice Prince.

The remixes sees the featured artistes share new spin and sometimes pretty profane take on the original song released in December 2018.

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generic viagra without prescription Read below an interview with Tulenkey by this writer in January 2019

Ghanaian artiste, Tulenkey’s calm demeanour for an artiste with one of the biggest songs in the country is surprisingly rare.

He walked into the interview spot like a person with no clout accompanied by an associate.

Save for a grill on his lower set of teeth – there was nothing flashy about the artiste who has many reasons to show off at the least opportunity.

In early December 2018, his song ‘Proud F Boys’ off his 1/1 mix tape – recently released at the time started gaining spins on radio, and was played at events by DJs to whip up enthusiasm of the audience.

The title of the song is a vulgar term used to describe guys who have sexual relations with women with no intent of being in a committed relationship with them caught on in a very short time.

Few weeks later, he performed on stages including Sarkodie’s RapperHolic 2018 and Mr. Eazi’s DettyRave 2 – events he could only dream about during his ‘underground’ days.

The rapper born Chief Boateng Osei Bonsu told Showbiz in a recent interview, the song which has brought him mainstream music acclaim wasn’t initially supposed to be on the mix tape.

“It came in late. It wasn’t part of the mix tape itself,” recalled Tulenkey. “We were looking for this one song that would blow up the mix tape so I told my engineer to go through his beats, and I heard a particular one that I liked so I laid my verse on it.”

A teaser of the song posted on Social Media was well-received leading to his decision to add the song to the mix tape.He wrote the song based on the need for men who live off women without any commitment to proudly accept who they are without arguing about it whilst insisting he is “not” like that “at all.”

He also revealed that an official video of the song will be shot to officially start promoting the song, and a remix featuring the likes of Kwesi Arthur, Shaker and Joey will be released in the coming weeks.

Currently a Sound Engineering student at Abro Media, Tulenkey isn’t exactly enthused about his new found fame.

“It’s stressful,” expressed the act in somewhat tired voice to Showbiz. “The disadvantage about this thing is you don’t know your true friends, you don’t know who really likes you or not because they like your songs so automatically they like you. It comes with it so you just have to keep your circle close.”

Tulenkey is not resting on his laurels having experienced first-hand what happens to people who fall off after a having a good year or two in the Ghanaian music industry.

He told Showbiz, he wants to be “in the game for a long time” because “it is not a side or play thing” quoting rapper Sarkodie’s “music has everything to do with it” line.

Tulenkey and his team have already made plans to release a new song when the current one starts losing momentum.

His come up challenges in the music industry included been literally forced to “just do what I have to do and go” when he faced hostile audience at shows, and DJs reneging on their promises to play his songs even when they talked about its high quality prior.

Having experienced both the ‘underground’ and mainstream music scenes, Tulenkey is working hard to “stay relevant” as a “worldwide brand to influence people not only in Ghana.”

Under the guidance of fimfim of Platinum Studios and his lecturer at Abro Media, he is putting together a new mix tape set for release later this year.

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