Yung Pabi on working with M3nsa and desire to make a difference through his music

Rapper, Yung Pabi has an innate desire to make a difference in the lives of people through his music.

Writing primarily based on personal experiences, he wants to be remembered as “the solution to a problem” via the power of his lyrics.

His very recent effort is ‘BushMan’ featuring M3nsa, a song about absentee fathers written based on his personal experience.

Pabi tells, he’s already “embraced and forgiven” his father and wants that to be a lesson to others in similar situations not to hold onto pain because it affects negatively the people involved.

The rapper who calls himself “the bridge between drama and reality” is totally okay with people knowing about his personal experiences if “it is educating someone, advising someone or helping someone.”

Born Prince Addo Biney, his showbiz name was derived from when he started pursuing music, and also his birth name.

The African Youth Choice Awards Most Promising Music Act Africa’ nominee disclosed that he was influenced to pursue music at an early age watching the exploits of the likes of Busta Rhymes, Nas, Tupac and Sarkodie.

Almost a decade old in the music industry, he has worked with Okyeame Kwame, Shaker, Gasmilla, Wanlov Kubolor and others.

He is a product of St. Thomas Aquinas and Central University College with a degree in Human Resource Management.

Read below edited excerpts of Yung Pabi’s interview with

On his mission as an artiste and taking his career to the international music stage: That’s actually my main focus now. Most of the things I write about now are things I’ve been through. I like the conscious stuff. I like when I’m talking to people about the good stuff – the truth. I like the outside market a lot because whatever you do they like it a lot. I’m not swaying away from here, this market is good but my main market is outside because that’s where you are embraced for your versatility or how different you are.

Working with M3nsa: Getting M3nsa on a song is a big deal. He is determined so I’ve learnt that from him a lot. It has given me a serious mark to follow. It has helped me structure myself well. It has created the path I want to travel on.

On his goal as an artiste: My goal… I see myself as a solution to a problem. I want to be a solution to a problem. I want my work to help people, inspire them to desist from committing, say a crime or vice.

On awards: It is not something I’d dwell on. It is needed for people to see you but I feel with the work I would put in, that should be my main trophy. Testimonies from people… that should be an award for me. Getting a plaque as a recognition for my work is cool also.

What he wants to be remembered for: The solution to a problem. Pabi’s music gives life. It gives inspiration. It’s not about being the best. It’s about doing something. You put value in what you are doing. If the value is there, then now you can be celebrated.