Kaakie is a talented artiste – Music Producer J.M.J

One of Ghana’s most respected and fastest growing music producers Jam Master J popularly known as J.M.J of Xtra Large Music Record Label has eulogized Ghanaian dancehall artist Kaakie’s talent as...

One of Ghana’s most respected and fastest growing music producers Jam Master J popularly known as J.M.J of Xtra Large Music Record Label has eulogized Ghanaian dancehall artist Kaakie’s talent as exceptional.

He noted that though the award winning dancehall artiste has parted ways with the label, her music prowess cannot be underestimated.

“Kaakie is a wagon of talent, so I just wish wherever she is and whatever she is doing, she may have learned something from her past experience.”

Commenting on whether an agreement was reached prior to Kaakie’s exit from Xtra Large Music, J.M.J said he was amazed when he saw Kaakie posted the screenshot of her post on Instagram into a whatsapp group of the record label and exited the group after the post.

J.M.J told Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM, that because of his status, he never bothered to interrogate Kaakie on why she exited the group and posted her departure on Instagram.

When asked if he (J.M.J) sees his time spent with her as a wasted investment, the CEO of Xtra Large Music replied, “Yes and No… Yes because as we all know our industry is growing so most of the time the investment you do into artistes, sometimes if you are lucky, will break even but as in doing business and making profit is questionable. Yes, because she was a success story and anybody who start something…there are a lot of females or artistes who have been doing this business for almost ten years and they don’t even have a hit and they’ve broken even. The African continent and the world doesn’t even recognize them so even if you’ve been able to achieve that, it’s something worth praising…it was worth it.”

According J.M.J, he is unfazed with the break up since it is a lesson for him to focus on himself.

“Everything that happened was very good. One thing that I’ve learned this year is, there are no mistakes, everything is a lesson. What is coming next year is on another level from my side. What happened gave me chance to focus on myself. Managing an artiste means you have to live the life of the artiste, everything is about your artiste so all of a sudden I woke up and wow I’ve a life to live. Any good manager, your artiste should be bigger than you that’s the standard and if you’re bigger than your artiste, it means you are investing yourself more than your brand…Your brand should be bigger and popular than you. What I noticed is that there is more to me than just managing an artiste, I’m a producer, I worked with all the people, from audio-visual to so many stuff but all came to a halt because I’ve to focus on an artiste so now what is happening is, I’m trying to allow the other talents and space in me grow so that as a brand on my own is also well taken care of even if I should have an artiste.” JMJ told Zylofon FM.


Kaakie announced news of the split via Instagram.

“Hi, greetings to everyone here. Am sure it has come to the notice of everyone that I have been silent for some time now. I wish to inform you all respectfully that as from today am no more a member, and an artiste with and under XLM. We have worked together for all these years and Together we gave you my dear fans good music. It has been hard for me to break the news to you but today I am, am no more an artiste under XLM. Hence XLM do not represent Kaakie anymore.. and for my fans on facebook and twitter, I wish to inform you that the pages are not handle or managed by me. If there is anything I would want u my dear fans to know, will put it up here.. in due time my new Facebook fan page will be known to you all. Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.” she posted.

It was unclear what caused the break in working relations.

Kaakie in an interview on Okay FM in Accra disclosed her contract was not the best for her and that her expectations were not met after six years with the label.

“I signed a contract and there are clauses in the contract and a lot of them are not favorable to me so if at the end of the six years with these clauses I’m still not where I want to be, I think I need to advice myself. And it was very simple for me. I was 20 when I signed the contract. I was from Stars of the Future. Charterhouse took me there. If the clauses were not good then, I want to believe the person who took me there wouldn’t have and I know the person wanted the best for me.”

Kaakie would however not speak evil of the label and would also not get into details why she left the label.

“I have worked with them for 6 years. Most of the issues are peripheral so I can’t go into detail. They are delicate and the fact that I’m no more with them does not mean I should sit here and talk any how about them. I respect them. At the end of the day there’s agreement and I’m no more with them.”


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