New Video: Cina Soul – ’00:01′

Singer Cina Soul’s new single is finally here. Titled ‘00:01,‘ the song is produced by 3FS Productions, and finds Soul asking the love of her life to trust her...

Singer Cina Soul’s new single is finally here.

Titled ‘00:01,‘ the song is produced by 3FS Productions, and finds Soul asking the love of her life to trust her and “give her his heart because she will keep it.”

She also asks him to let her kiss his soul because he “needs that.”

Director Andy Madjitey does an amazing job with the visual representation of the song.

canadian pharmacy Watch below. 

Her last major offering was 7-track EP Metanoia released in July 2016 to critical acclaim by music fans and industry personalities. Her brilliant songwriting skills and amazing stage performances has led to a growing fanbase.

She was featured on M.anifest’s ‘NoWhereCool album, and has performed at a number of high-profiled events.


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About a year and half ago, budding Singer & Songwriter Cina Soul was a contestant on Vodafone Icons effortlessly impressing judges of the music reality show, audience at the National Theatre and also those at home.

She didn’t make to the finale of the competition but certainly did leave a good impression on the minds of the thousands who watched her week in, week out.

Fast forward to about two weeks ago, Soul released her debut album Metanoia to great reviews by industry watchers and music fans. The seven-track project features collaborations with M.anifest, Kidi and Worlasi.

online canadian pharmacy had a chat with her about pursuing  music as a career, the growth of her art, what the album title is all about and more. Read below the highlights.

Meaning of album title? So far I feel like my music life… it feels like a journey. I feel like I’ve grown so much, I didn’t know I would get this far. Metanoia means journey, a journey of growth so that’s why I chose that name.


Why choose a ‘complex’ and not a simple name? Growth is cliché. You need something that is attractive, and music makes us learn a lot. If I didn’t use that name… it will make you… ‘Okay, what is the meaning of that word? Let me go find out.’


Are you surprised at the growth of your career so far? Every single time, I give thanks to God and the people around me, all the motivation I get from my family because I knew after (VodafoneIcons, I’m going back to school. I was not going to focus so much on the music but I tried to balanced it, and right now look at me. I’m not where I’m supposed to be but then it’s a step, it’s a big step and I’m proud of myself for that, and I know people around me will be happy about it.


What’s song writing like for you? I must say the hardest part of writing music is song writing, putting the words together. It’s not only from your intellect, it has to come from your heart. It has to be related to something personal – feelings or the feelings of other people. I get inspired by so many things – the people around me, by myself, movies, by music and more.


I listened to your cover of Asa’s Bamidele, and thought that was good. Have you tried reaching out to her or her management? I remember when I first put out that cover, that was a year and half ago, I tagged her with it like ‘listen’, but I never really got the response but then God’s time is the best.

That is why I’m still working hard. If you keep working hard, and put stuff out there, and I get a better following who could push it, ‘Asa, listen to this’, she probably might lend her ears to it eventually so I’m still growing. It wouldn’t take forever, I don’t think so.

What is the goal? My biggest goal is to win a Grammy. No Ghanaian has won a Grammy. I’m not saying I want to be the first but I want to win a Grammy.


You do know that to win a Grammy, you need a have a representation in the US. Does the goal include being signed to a label in the States?  Exactly. Because right now I have been signed, I’m not under any record label. I’m only under management. I have a reason why… I feel like if I keep working hard, the right record label outside Ghana will pick me up and push my music far so, I mean it’s a stepping stone for now. If I keep working hard and a record label from the States recognizes my stuff, we gone and actually keep selling Ghana wherever I go.


Does having a major label sign you a validation of your art? Yes, actually is. It is a huge step. I mean how people in Ghana have done that? On our side of the world if you don’t get recognition from people outside, it’s like you’ve not really reached far, because we are still growing as a nation.


What’s the one thing you want people who attend your show to leave with? They thinking about when my next concert will be, like ‘when would I see this girl perform again? I need to be at her concert again’. You don’t want them leaving and saying ‘its okay’. No, we don’t want okay, we want ‘wow, that was an amazing show. I want to see her perform again.’