WATCH AGAIN: The Premiere of The Core on GHOne TV

Watch as Emeline spends the day as a Market Trader
The Core every Sat at 10am

 The Core premiered Saturday 9th of September on GHOne TV at 10 am!!!

Live 91.9FM and GHOne’s TV Presenter/Producer, Emeline had announced the news live on air a few months ago and the much-anticipated show premiered Saturday the 9th of September on GHOne TV at 10 am.

The first episode sees Emeline spending the day in Makola Market with Market Trader, Barbie Aidoo who showed her the ins and outs of her job. The show doesn’t hold back on showing you what went down and the pressure mounted as Emeline, a French/Congolese shouted in Ga trying to lure in new customers and clean the fish.

The show continues with a segment bringing some light education linked to the market and their first currency; Cowrie Shells.

The final segment called Talent On The Streets, explores unsung, unseen and unheard talent who live for their passion, trying to make it every day. For this first week, Emeline speaks to John Be Good, a disabled singer with a positive message.

Have a watch!
The Core every Saturday at 10 am on GHOne TV!