Making music is my first love – Jason EL-A

MORE OFTEN than not, most celebrities attain their status by planning and working fervently towards it, however, GhOne Television’s Jason EL-A’s narrative is quite a different one. The stunning...

MORE OFTEN than not, most celebrities attain their status by planning and working fervently towards it, however, GhOne Television’s Jason EL-A’s narrative is quite a different one.

The stunning presenter,who doubles as a rapper has disclosed that Television (TV) presenting was an uncalculated opportunity that  he grabbed, but what he really started working hard towards was making music.

When music started

In an exclusive interview with the DAILY HERITAGE, Jason stated that “I have always been into music; it is not a new thing.

“But the problem was how to go about it, you know, that situation where you really want to achieve something but do not know exactly where to start from? That was my setback.”

Born Jason Osman EL-Agha, the rapper mentioned that, he feels the problem stemmed from the fact that he lacked confidence to take such a risk. Nevertheless, as time went by and he understudied his icons on TV, he gradually built his self confidence.

Unlike most artistes who started performing way back in high school, nobody even knew he could rap, except for his two friends, Rudy and Sarfo who believed in him, El-Agha revealed.

Speaking on what triggered him to start recording, Jason stated that “It was a video. I saw Chris Brown’s ‘Run It’ video ft Juelz Santana, and when I saw the video, I knew I wanted to do music right away because I saw myself doing this kind of art.

Then I continued by watching videos of Omarion, 50 Cent and other pop stars to learn from their performances.”

El-Agha disclosed that building confidence was over a period of time, so he had never started recording until he was in the university.

He reminisced recording music in a small booth with his friends while on campus in Pentagon hostel.


Early Life

The musician cum actor who grew up in Akropong Akuapem revealed that his father never took care of him adding that, “I never knew my father who was of Palestinian descent. He left me at a very tender age so I have never known my father’s side of the family only my mother’s”

“We moved to the United Kingdom when I was two years, and came back to school in Ghana when I was ten. Thus I was raised by my Grandfather who took the fatherly role in my life,together with my aunties and uncles.”

Jason shared his sentiments on the death of his grandfather “I looked up to my grandfather a lot but he died when I was 18 years old, thus from 18 to 21 years was a very difficult period in my life. His death made me very depressed because he wasn’t there to see me grow and succeed.”

El Agha mentioned that he had his junior high school education at Nana Ankobea and continued to Okuapeman Senior High School. He later offered Bachelor of Arts (BAsc) at the University of Ghana, Legon.


Work Life

“As I said, I started out doing music with no intention of being a Televison (TV) presenter. But one time Berla Mundi, host of Rythmz Live on GhOne TV came to Pent [Pentagon hostel] to give free tickets of Chris Brown’s concert to people who could answer questions correctly. I got most of it right, and after the interview, Berla asked if I could pass through her show for an interview because they usually  hosted underground artistes.”

The interview went well and right after that I was approached by Berla who said she and her producer liked the interview because of my confidence and expressions. That’s where it started” El-Agha stated.

He said being a presenter was an avenue to get money and push his music but gradually he developed the love for it. He declared that “I love my career now and I am most appreciative of the people that believed in me and ushered me into radio and television. I am grateful.”

The ‘ladies man’, who was rumored to have been dating Yvonne Nelson sometime back debunked any dating rumors by stating that “I’m focused on my career right now. If I am not on TV them I’m playing TV games or trying to be Batman” he joked.

Jason has been on 15 different features alone this year. He is currently working on an Extended Play titled ‘Listen’. His current single ‘Obaasima’ has caught the ears of music lovers.