AUDIO: Change my name if I pay even GH¢1 – Erico fumes over debt owed Sound Engineer

Musicians and sound engineers ordinarily should have good relationship to ensure effective work, but sometimes they have quarrels that mar their friendship, and that is currently the situation with Mentor...

Musicians and sound engineers ordinarily should have good relationship to ensure effective work, but sometimes they have quarrels that mar their friendship, and that is currently the situation with Mentor three (3) winner, Erico and Sound Engineer Vinny Kay.

The Gospel artiste, Erico who recently launched his most talked about M’anyanwu album went into an agreement with Vincent Kwame Nyefele popularly known as Vinny Kay, a supervisor of Brain Drain Recording Studio at Mataheko to settle his studio recording fee of GH¢1,500.00 after his mega launch.

Erico speaking to, angrily said he will no more pay the debt he owes Vinny Kay for reason that he (Sound Engineer) has dented his reputation after disclosing the issue to the media and also reporting him to persons he (Erico) respects so much.

According to the gospel musician, Vinny Kay was inconsiderate because he made known to him some challenges he faced yet the sound engineer turned deaf ears and still went ahead to disgrace him.

Erico told, that even before he entered into an agreement to record three songs with the engineer, he initially paid an unaccounted amount of about GH¢1,000.00 to Vinny Kay and promised to pay for the outstanding amount after the launch of his album.

Explaining what ensued between Vinny Kay and himself, Erico said, the sound engineer requested for an amount of GH¢1,700.00 but he (Erico) candidly told him, he cannot afford it hence the GH¢1,000.00.

“I told him I can afford GH¢1,000.00 instead of GH¢1,700.00 and promised him to pay back immediately after the launch of my album but due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn’t able to pay the agreed amount.

“Infact I was pissed off when I was called by my Godmother and some Elders of my church to question me about the issue and this notwithstanding he has granted interviews to the media making this issue go viral,” Erico told

When questioned Erico about the core reason why he has failed to pay the agreed amount as he promised, he swiftly answered that most of the monies he was promised notable personalities who graced the occasion were pledges which his management team is striving to retrieve.

“I told him after the launch I will pay the debt but most of the monies were pledges which I’m retrieving. I’m so peeved by his action and will gladly state that I’ll no more pay the debt… If I pay even GH¢1.00 change my name. He can take me to court after all the agreement wasn’t on paper, if he claims contrary let him prove it,” Erico angrily said.

He added that he was faced with financial constraints because he had to hurriedly pay for duty on an imported car sent to him with the little amount he received from the launch otherwise his car would be auction.

Vinny Kay’s Opinion

Sound engineer Vincent Kwame Nyefele also known as Vinny Kay told, he is amazed by Erico’s action since the later came to the studio pleading with him that he wanted to record a song but was facing financial challenges.

According to Vinny Kay, the songs were recorded in February, 2017 and had a successful launch but till date, Erico has not kept his promise.

He said three weeks after the launch he called Erico on phone for the money but said, some people made pledges during the launch which has not been fulfilled yet and that immediately he (Erico) receives the money the payment will be done.

Vinny Kay added that though the gospel musician gave him small unaccounted monies to sort out prepaid and other utilities prior to his song recordings, that is not part of the agreed amount which is  GH¢1,500.00.

“Initially, I wasn’t comfortable with the deal but Erico kept pressuring me that he isn’t a bad person and that I’m not the first he is doing such deals with as he has done same with RORO when he recorded his first album and paid him back immediately after the launch of the album. He even told me to confirm from RORO. I decided to do it for him due to the existing relationship we both have established.

“If Erico fails to pay my money in the shortest possible time, I will rightly do what law demands,” Vinny Kay told