No Holds Barred – An Exclusive With Mr. Eazi

It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was on Twitter getting ready for The Juice when I came across a tweet from Mr. Eazi sharing a shot from Fader...
It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was on Twitter getting ready for The Juice when I came across a tweet from Mr. Eazi sharing a shot from Fader where his song “Business” featuring Mugeez was listed as one of the songs of the week. I immediately contacted Mr. Eazi to find out how he felt and well, we ended up having an interesting conversation.
It was 4pm Ghana time which is 9am in Los Angeles, where the Afro-pop musician is currently based as he records with various producers. “I hardly get anytime to sleep,” said Mr. Eazi as we began our conversation but I’m not surprised being that he’s quickly taken over the world with his music.
“I’ve been featured on Fader three times this year. I’m also featured in Fader’s upcoming printed issue,” said the Bankulize singer in a cheerful voice who for the past three days was recording at the same studio in Los Angeles that the late Michael Jackson booked for over two years. “It wasn’t until the end of my session that I realized it was the same studio. There’s so much MJ memorabilia and the password was Billy Jean,” Eazi said while giggling.
Of course, I had to ask the Nigerian-born, Ghanaian based singer how he feels about critics saying he may fade out faster than he thinks and Mr. Eazi doesn’t seem one-bit bothered. “That is the mentality of our culture but I’m staying true to my core sound. Look at the best; Drake, Future, and Chris Brown, they have a number of projects they are on. Future dropped two albums. There’s no such thing as dying out when you are releasing consistent music.” Eazi continued, “Shatta Wale drops many songs and he’s still the artist of year. He’s still relevant. Nobody is more relevant than him.” We can all agree, every song Mr. Eazi has released has not only been a hit but has topped the charts.
“Dance For Me” has been my biggest crossover song but “Leg Over” has beaten every record. Last year, my biggest song in Naija was “Ohema” and it was a freestyle. I didn’t think it was hit. People personalize “Ohema” like I’m talking to them.”
“At the end of the day, i’m leaving everything to God. Imagine in one year, I didn’t expect my songs to be this big.”
With just a few minutes left before I went on air, I couldn’t allow Mr. Eazi to go without asking him about his shocking loss at this years VGMA’s. The outspoken musician didn’t shy away from letting me know exactly how he felt. “I knew I wouldn’t win. Last year, they tried to book me for Ms. Malaika and they didn’t want to pay me and I said, ‘I wouldn’t leave Naija to perform for Ms. Malaika.’ They called for me to perform at this year’s VGMA’s and my manager was charging a fee and they did not oblige.” Eazi’s manager Bernard also stated, “We were told artists who perform at the VGMA’s do it for free and if they are paid, it’s a token which I did not accept. Once, Runtown was being promoted we knew what was next to come.” “I don’t even see the awards as relevance for the people. How can Medikal not win an award? Why is Mz. vee in any category? No disrespect but does she have a movement and what music did she put out? The award has lost its relevance. If it weren’t for me being overseas, I would’ve had a show the same day of the event, next to the venue,” Eazi continued.
Does this mean Mr. Eazi will be boycotting upcoming VGMA’s. “Anything with Charter House I’m not interested until they pay me and I may just team up with Shatta Wale next year and actually hold the concert I previously mentioned at next year’s VGMA’s,” Eazi boldly stated.
 What exactly happened to the remix of “Skintight” featuring Wizkid’s alleged ex-girlfriend, Justine Skye? According to Mr. Eazi, Roc Nation wanted the record for themselves and refused to cough up the amount he and his team requested. When it comes to talks that the ladies man has changed since stardom hit him, “people will say I’ve changed. Nothing has changed. A year ago I was more accessible but that can’t be the same anymore. I still have the same number but my team and I are on another level. For my fans, I still very interactive with them like I was tweeting two years ago.”
There’s also been some talks of a possible separation between Eazi and mega-producer Jules but Eazi quickly debunked the rumor. “I’m still working with Julz. I’m doing everything I ever wanted to do. I’ve picked all the producers I’ve ever wanted to work with and put them on the mixtape; ‘Accra To Lagos’.
If you think Mr. Eazi is slowing down anytime soon, well, you thought wrong as the next few months will be extremely busy for the “Leg Over” musician. “I have a third sold out show in New York at the Apple Store. Listen, I can go do a show in Brooklyn the day after my third in NY and it will be sold out.”
Eazi continued boasting of his success, “I’m going back to the U.K. on the 1st of May where i’m kicking off my U.K. Tour for 10 days then to Naija for a wedding then a quick stop in Ghana to shoot the visuals for “Tilapia” before heading back to the U.K. and Canada. After my U.K. tour, we are also touring Asia. I’ll be back in Ghana for my university tour in September.
At this point, time was up and I had to rush on air. Mr. Eazi’s charismatic personality, stage presence and hit songs are unmatchable. He’s a force to be reckoned with as he continues to conquer the globe with songs such as, “Leg Over,” “Business,” “Bankulize,” “Tilapia” and many others which rock the crowd gig after gig and let’s not forgot, head honchos in the industry are also feeling Eazi’s vibes. Have you seen Diddy’s latest Ciroc Ad? The powerhouse musician/entrepreneur featured the Juls-produced Mr. Eazi’s track “Skin Tight” as the background music.
By Vanessa Gyan (Published unedited)