PHOTOS: Nespresso unveils new Envivo Lungo

The first sip of coffee in the morning is a blissful moment of sheer pleasure. Inviting coffee lovers around the world to savour this moment for longer, the coffee...

The first sip of coffee in the morning is a blissful moment of sheer pleasure. Inviting coffee lovers around the world to savour this moment for longer, the coffee experts at Nespressohave created a new permanent addition to their range, introducing Envivo Lungo. An intense Lungo to enliven the senses and help start the day right.

New EnvivoLungo (intensity 9 on the scale from 1 – 12) is the most intense of the Nespresso Lungo range with a sumptuous and unique flavour.

This dark roasted coffee is a blend of distinctive Arabica from India with a Robusta from Mexico, with roasted notes and rich scents reminiscent of aromatic woods and gingerbread.


Alexis Rodriguez, Head of Coffee Development at Nespressocommented, “We carefully crafted Envivo Lungo with a high proportion of Robusta coffee beans to produce a strong, full bodied coffee. We specifically use washed Robusta which gives a more refined taste to deliver a final product that is intense but without any harshness on the palate.”

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The Nespresso intensity scale has been created to help consumers differentiate between their favourite Grands Crus. The intensity is defined by looking at three aspects an evaluation of the roasted notes, the bitterness and the body.

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Envivo Lungo is ranked towards the top of this scale at intensity level 9 meaning that those who enjoy a long, intense cup of coffee in the morning now have the perfect option that offers delicious caramelised notes.

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When creating the new Grand Cru, the Nespresso coffee experts were inspired by the traditional morning coffee that many consumers savour with milk in a longer serving size so Envivo Lungo also marries perfectly with milk, maintaining its distinctive intense flavour for a deliciously rich and full-bodied start to the day.

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Envivo Lungo joins the range of five existing Nespresso Lungos, all designed to be enjoyed at a 110ml serving size:

  • FortissioLungo – Intensity 8 – Rich and full-bodied
  • LinzioLungo – Intensity 4 – Round and smooth
  • VivaltoLungo – Intensity 4 – Complex and balanced
  • Bukeelaka Ethiopia – Intensity 3 – Floral and wild (Pure Origin)

Vivalto Lungo Decaffeinato – Intensity 4 – Complex and balanced (Decaffeinato)

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EnvivoLungo is a long cup that stimulates the senses through its intense and generous character, high intensity and high body. Delight your senses with aromatic dry wood, gingerbread and caramelised notes followed by an intense and pleasant after taste.

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EnvivoLungo will be particularly appealing to the intense espresso lovers that are searching for an intense long cup. Those who prefer coffee with milk can also delight as EnvivoLungo is equally delicious with milk, becoming rounder in flavour and maintaining its intense character.

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Savoured as a Lungo Macchiato, with a touch of milk froth, EnvivoLungo becomes rounder while keeping its intense character. Enjoyed as a Latte Macchiato, combined with the smoothness of milk froth, the EnvivoLungo Grand Cru expresses softened woody notes while developing round, indulgent and buttery aromatics.

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EnvivoLungois a permanent addition to the Nespresso range which now consists of 24 Grands Crus. Itwill be available fromNespresso boutiques worldwide, as well as through orders from the Nespresso Customer Care Centres and online at