New Video: JOJO ABOT- To Li (Official Music Video)

Artist Jojo Abot, releases final video for FYFYA WOTO, her debut EP.
To Li is a term used to call out a questionable narrative or put a narrator on the spot. It’s a dramatic term that cuts through the bullshit and calls it for what it is. In a generation of young people determined to take life by the horns with little tolerance for injustice and inequality, To Li contributes to that narrative and spirit of cutting through the layers in search of honesty and truth. Truth that allows us to transcend time, history and pain. Truth that gives life and love abundantly.
In FYFYA WOTO, To Li sets the stage for a tragic yet beautiful tale. Caught in a moment of love, lust and assumed liberation, FYFYA WOTO  now finds herself in the middle of a traditional tribunal, defending her truths, values and dreams of a more liberated world without fear, injustice and oppressive racial divide.
Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.57.00 PM
Shot in NYC this past summer, the video features a graffiti covered Brooklyn rooftop.
 Directed by Jojo Abot & Robert Kolodny
Produced by
Music produced by Jojo Abot & Jonas Rendbo
EP, FYFYA WOTO,  Available –
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