Over the weekedend, Live FM’s Jay Foley covered the prestigious awards ceremony bringing to listeners of the radio station , exclusive reports. Based on his experience , he shares...

Over the weekedend, Live FM’s Jay Foley covered the prestigious awards ceremony bringing to listeners of the radio station , exclusive reports.

Based on his experience , he shares his thoughts on what he calls THE POSSIBLE TRUTH ABOUT THE BET on his Facebook page. Read below unedited

“I called him a Rap god. I did. You know why? I will tell you.

I sat on seat 303 next to DJ Mensah and Terry from TM ENTERTAINMENT on the 29th of June at 5 30pm at the convention centre in Los Angeles. About 20 rows down sat the likes of Nikki Minaj, Rihanna etc…

I stayed glued to my seat and watched every bit of the 2015 BET X. Everything in that room, from the slang/accent to the LEDs and performances was “AMERICA INSPIRED”. It was their culture modernised to perfection.

Let me tell you something about the BET. “Its not for Africans”. It wasn’t made for us. It wasn’t designed for Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, DBlack, Samini, 4×4 etc… no no no. Don’t get it twisted. It wasn’t crafted with us in mind.

You want the truth? Be ready for it because it will hurt.

Everything that happened in that room is ONLY for the American. And to be American (not the green card American) means you have come to understand the PRIDE, EGO, PATROITISM that the American holds deep inside their souls n hearts.

Be honest with me my fellow Africans, Do You Believe in AFRICA? I bet i got you laughing… lol.
Nope we don’t. If we did, we will not be at the BET.. i told you the truth hurts.. didnt I?

But don’t be too quick to judge. The BET is an international music platform designed by Americans for Americans. Undeniably, YES I can attest to the fact that America is a powerful and influential country. So if you want greener pastures, GO TO YANKEE.. lol. Afterall EL said he wishes he were born in the USA. Lol

Understand this im about to say with regards to the BET. I watched closely as i hanged out with Stonebwoy and Sarkodie and realised there were just about 7 people from BET who just gave us attention during this whole week.

They worked effortlessly around the clock just dying to make a statement to BET INTERNATIONAL that, RAP which is Rhythmic African Peotry is an African art so give these talents like Fally Ipupa, Sauti Sol, Sarkodie etc… a chance to prove to the world that, RAP is Africa.

It was at that moment that Stonebwoy and Sarkodie proved to the few people who were seated at the Grammy Museum that, regardless of the language, these kats can redeem and win back the rights as owners of Rap Music.

America has taken our music and refined it. Do you even know what it will take to win this back and also organise our own BET AWARDS?
It will take

1. The government to invest
2. The economy to stabilise. ‪#‎dumsor‬
3. The whole showbiz industry to change. (Do you know how the Americans scream when they see Kim Kardashian? Lol wld u scream same when u see me or Yvonne Neslon?) Naaaa.. ud hate and hurl negative statements. Lol i lie…?
3. People/professionals to be paid well to deliver professional and quality productions. Lol have u watched the BET AWARDS before? *in pidjin voice – i beg no bi conference centre oo.. hmmm
4. It will take Ghanaians and Africans to change completely our mindset. The people need to BELIEVE.

See the picture this way, we lost this beautiful thing called RAP to our yankee folks. Now its time to take back what belongs to us. But in doing so, just like the art of war, we need to know the enemy. We need very skilled and trained artiste to break through onto their platforms (BET) and inject the local rap virus. And when it spreads thru then we can get the attention back to Africa. After all thats what America did to us. Don’t you see it in movies.. watch Capt. AMERICA. .. U GO BAB

“We need gods.”
To get nominations from Africa, and with the full support of every African. Bear in mind that if it were football, like we wldve flown 4000 Ghanaians with accommodation and per diem to go and watch….. but on nooooo.. when it comes to music, it was only stonebuoy, Sarkodie, Jay Foley, Terry, Dj Mensah, Majid and John dumelo who were there. Just about 8 of us. Only.

Do you expect BET INTERNATIONAL to even respect us? Lol smh. In business, numbers mean everything. How will BET also make money and function as an organisation. Lol do u think they will buy tickets for all these African Artistes and pay their hotels for free to come and just chop awards and go? Im sorry friends but not even I wld do that. Do you have any idea how much money was spent on me to get to Los ANGELES California? Lol MY EIB BOSSES. THANKS.

So when will our local companies also sponsor us the media and 4000 other Ghanaians to completely head out to LA and show BET that we came here to bring u business by a well represented number of Ghanaians or Africans. (Please if u get the visa and u go do well to return oo.. or else it defeats the purpose of this article)

Im sure if BET counted 5000 Ghanaians at the staple centre, they wldve given Stonebwoys awards during the event in front of the live audience. And YES they wldve moved the event to Ghana for it to happen here as well.. and YES… u will see our local superstars like Mz Vee n co sit next to Nikki Minaj and the likes.. then we can say, we have brought the BET AWARDS back home. But until then… let’s support our gods who work so hard to fight this battle to gain international attention so that when the world asks where they came from then they can point to the map and say Ghana.

And oh!!! The award is NOT given backstage. Who said that… lol

The award is given on the main stage and inserted into the main LIVE TRANSMISSION.
BET AWARDS is a TV awards show. When u sit in the main event, its rather boring. Trust me. Ask DJ MENSAH. He will tell u. So many commercial breaks and all.

Until somebody sponsors that BEST INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN ACT CATEGORY, please forget about anything more than what you see and hear.

Sarkodie (the rap god) and Stonebwoy have proven to be soldiers. Ghanaian musicians i applaud all of you. Shatta Wale your message congratulating Stonebwoy is a bold step to show support. 4×4 your messages and posts on social media goes a long way to show how much you support good music. And to all others who did same.

Once again, for Sark to rap in twi and have people from different countries stand up and applaud him, and for Ace Hood to wrk with him and all…… Ghana, end the hatred now.

Ermmm Black Prophet i see u… well done.

Ive been to the BET AWARDS twice already. And yes i was the only Ghanaian media there. Do you even know how difficult it is to get accreditation onto that red carpet? Lol

Me too I try. … i went to rep us and to learn. My heart will rest when i attend BET AWARDS in Ghana. Los Angeles California is over 16hrs flight. It’s far… lol

Do you even know how i manage to film, record, do interviews, take photos and all ALONE? LOL

Sarkodie and Stonebwoy. Well done.

My name is Jay Foley. I work with LIVE 91.9fm. 4syte TV and I run 2131clubs. Im not a blogger but a desperate young man who wants to make a change in African Showbiz.

But the change starts with you..”

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